SOS 4.8 Festival 2016

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What's SOS 4.8 Festival?

The SOS 4.8 Festival features two days of art with non-stop music, contemporary arts, and well-known international artists who debate the concept of sustainability in conferences. Works by guest artists who produce their artwork at the event will be put on exhibitions for visitors to admire, which will give them an opportunity to reflect on concepts such as unity, democracy, and the effects of consumerism. Aside from being exposed to art and perhaps life-changing knowledge, visitors will also enjoy live music. This event annually takes place the first weekend of May, in Murcia, Spain.
SOS 4.8 Festival
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Location / Venue of SOS 4.8 Festival

Location / Venue

-, Murcia

Access From City to Location


Access From Capital to City

4 hours Train from Madrid-Atocha Cercanías to Murcia del Carmen

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