Semana Santa/Holy Week 2016

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What's Semana Santa/Holy Week?

The Semana Santa/Holy Week Festival in Spain is a religious Catholic event that honors the Passion of Christ through penance processions, bands, and 17th century floats, on the streets of nearly every Spanish city and town. This event has some of its origins in the Middle Age and Spain is especially known for its Holy Week traditions, which begin during the last week of Lent, before Easter. Holy week has become a cultural and touristic event, with hand guides being released every year including timetables and routes of every procession so visitors can easily attend the celebrations.
Holy Week/Semana Santa
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Location / Venue of Semana Santa/Holy Week

Location / Venue

-, Seville

Access From City to Location


Access From Capital to City

2 hour Bus from Barcelona Sants to Lleida and 1 hour Bus from Lleida to Fraga

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