El Pilar Festival 2016

What's El Pilar Festival?

El Pilar Festival, or Fiestas del Pilar, honors the Virgin of Pilar, through a ten-day celebration of music, parades, flowers, and theatre. This event has its origins in 40 AD, when the apostle St. James came to the area spreading Christianity. Every year during the week of the 12th of October, the city of Zaragoza, Spain begins its celebrations, with the festivities beginning the weekend before the 12th and lasting until the following Sunday. The main events of the festival include the Solemn Mass of Infants, The Offering of Flowers, The Offering of Fruits, and the Pontifical Mass.

Location / Venue of El Pilar Festival

Location / Venue

30, 30

Access From City to Location

Access From Capital to City

1.5 hours Train from Barcelona Sants to Zaragoza Delicias

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