Day of the goose/Antzar Eguna 2016

What's Day of the goose/Antzar Eguna?

The Goose Festival attracts people who wish to watch dead geese that are hung from a rope across the harbor be grabbed in a competition. This event dates back to over 350 years ago, and the decapitation of the geese continues to attract people from around the world, who wish to see such sights. The festival also attracts people who love to drink, eat, and come together to celebrate an old tradition. Visitors who wish to experience this event must make their way to the small fishing village called Lekeitio, during the first week in September.

Location / Venue of Day of the goose/Antzar Eguna

Location / Venue

-, Lekeitio

Access From City to Location


Access From Capital to City

1 hour Flights from Barcelona to Bilbao and 1 hour Taxi from Bilbao (BIO) to Lekeitio

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